VeriFone Topaz/Ruby 2 Power Supply

SKU: Topaz PS; CPS124130-3AR; 705-0124

System Brand: Verifone
System Model: Topaz
Ruby 2

Sale price$225.00


Topaz PS VeriFone Power Supply

Experience seamless operations with the Topaz PS VeriFone Power Supply. Specifically designed for Topaz and Ruby 2 systems, this power supply guarantees reliable and uninterrupted power for your VeriFone systems. Its  black design ensures it blends perfectly with your setup. Investing in this power supply means you are investing in the smooth running of your operations.

Product Specifications

  • Designed specifically for Topaz and Ruby 2 systems
  • Delivers reliable and consistent power
  • Sleek black design that seamlessly blends with your setup
  • High-quality build ensures durability and longevity

Added Value

  • Ensures smooth operation of your VeriFone systems
  • Reduces the risk of system downtimes caused by power issues
  • Durable construction promises long-term service

Boost the reliability of your operations with the VeriFone Power Supply - the perfect power solution for your Topaz and Ruby 2 systems.

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