QVGA Graphic Display Board for Wayne Vista and Ovation 1 series dispensers

SKU: 889873-R02-VAR / 892131-001-VAR / WU000948-VAR / 709-0459

System Brand: Wayne
System Model: Wayne Vista
Wayne Ovation 1 Series

Sale price$486.00


Enhance Your Fuel Dispenser With 889873-R02-VA Graphic Display Board

Transform your customer interaction with the Wayne Graphic Display Board. Designed for Wayne Vista and Wayne Ovation 1 Series dispensers, this high-quality QVGA graphic display board ensures clearer, sharper communication with your clientele.

The 889873-R02-VA Graphic Display Board

This isn't just a graphic display board; it's an essential element that adds functionality and appeal to your fuel dispensing system. Let's explore the details:

  • High-Resolution QVGA Display: With its QVGA display, it provides superior image quality that ensures clarity in customer interactions.
  • Wayne Compatibility: Designed exclusively for Wayne Vista and Wayne Ovation 1 Series dispensers. Perfectly fits and functions with these systems.
  • One Year Warranty: Comes with a 365-Day warranty, guaranteeing its reliability and performance.

The Role of the Graphic Display Board

This Graphic Display Board serves a critical role in the fuel dispenser ecosystem:

  • Clear Communication: It presents relevant information to customers in a crisp, clean format, simplifying their experience.
  • Efficient Operation: Helps service technicians and store owners to quickly identify and address any system issues.
  • Branding & Appeal: The sharp, dynamic display helps to enhance the overall appeal of the dispenser.

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