Ovation PTS Overlay, Prem 91, Federated Co-op 2 (Outright)

SKU: 888460-001-128

System Brand: Wayne
System Model: Ovation
Federated Co-op

Sale price$13.50


Ovation PTS Overlay: Prem 91 for Federated Co-op 2

Unveil the cutting-edge design and unparalleled functionality of the 888460-001-128 Wayne Ovation Prem 91 Overlay. Specifically tailored for the Prem 91 and Federated Co-op 2 systems.

Key Features of Wayne Ovation Prem 91 Overlay:

  • Customized for the Ovation System Model by Wayne.
  • Engineered for longevity with a durable design.
  • Simple application process for minimal fuss.
  • Perfect compatibility with Federated Co-op 2 setups.

Choose the Best

The 888460-001-128 Wayne Ovation Prem 91 Overlay stands out not just for its impeccable design, but also its promise to enhance the user experience. Each overlay reflects meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring optimal visibility and reliability.

Wayne's Commitment to Excellence

Wayne's legacy in the industry speaks volumes. Each product, including this overlay, is a testament to their commitment to quality, durability, and innovation.

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