Ovation PTS Overlay, Mid Grade 89, Federated Co-op 2 (Outright)

SKU: 888460-001-086

System Brand: Wayne
System Model: Ovation
Federated Co-op

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888460-001-086 Ovation Mid Grade 89 Octane Overlay

Product Overview

Introducing the 888460-001-086 Ovation Mid Grade 89 Octane Overlay, an essential product for Federated Co-op 2 outlets. This white sticker, emblazoned with clear black lettering, indicates the availability of mid-grade 89 octane fuel, providing a vital service in customer navigation.

Key Features

Quality and Design

Dive into the main attributes of the Ovation Mid Grade 89 Octane Overlay:

  • Resilient Construction: Designed with robust materials to ensure lasting endurance against various weather conditions.
  • Clear Messaging: The stark black lettering on a white background clearly indicates 'Mid-Grade 89 Octane', simplifying fuel identification for customers.
  • Seamless Integration: The overlay's design is specifically suited to Federated Co-op 2 aesthetics, providing a consistent brand experience.

Benefits of the Ovation Mid Grade 89 Octane Overlay

  • Simplified Customer Navigation: By offering clear fuel grade indication, this overlay minimizes customer confusion and optimizes service speed.
  • Brand Consistency: Matching the Federated Co-op 2 color scheme, it strengthens brand identity and enhances visibility.
  • Effortless Installation: Its simple application process minimizes downtime, thereby promoting customer engagement.

Optimize your Federated Co-op 2 outlet with the Ovation Mid Grade 89 Octane Overlay. This highly durable and easy-to-install product is an efficient tool for customer service, ensuring clear communication of fuel types. Enhance your outlet's functionality and streamline customer experience by incorporating this excellent product into your service today!

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