Ovation PTS Overlay, 91 Octane (Outright)

SKU: 888460-001-007; 503-0944

System Brand: Wayne
System Model: Ovation

Sale price$13.75


503-0944 Wayne Ovation 91 Octane Overlay: The Ultimate Fuel Station Accessory

Embrace Operational Excellence

The 503-0944 Wayne Ovation 91 Octane Overlay is not just a sticker; it's the touchpoint that can set the tone for your entire fuel station operations. With a color palette that maximizes visibility and a message that simplifies decision-making, this overlay is instrumental in creating an optimal user experience at your station.

The Yellow Herald of Efficiency

Clad in vibrant yellow, the overlay takes charge in making the 91 Octane fuel easily distinguishable. It's impossible to miss the black '91' embossed against the striking yellow backdrop. This level of visibility ensures that customers identify their preferred fuel grade instantly, reducing the scope for misfuelling.

Strength in Durability

Made from high-grade materials, this overlay boasts an impressive lifespan. It confidently braves the elements, retaining its vivacity and readability despite exposure to rain, sunshine, or snow. The need for frequent replacements? It's practically non-existent with the 503-0944 Wayne Ovation 91 Octane Overlay.

Fits Like a Glove

The overlay's design focuses on versatility. It seamlessly assimilates into your station's aesthetic, no matter the theme or color scheme. Its presence boosts brand consistency, aiding in shaping a more harmonious visual identity for your fuel station.

Experience the Overlay Advantage

  • Elevate Customer Satisfaction: The overlay's high visibility eliminates ambiguity, offering customers a seamless fuel selection process. When customers find what they need quickly, they leave your station happier!
  • Promote Operational Efficiency: With easy-to-spot fuel grades, attendants can assist customers better, resulting in shorter service times and enhanced station efficiency.
  • Installation Made Easy: The overlay's design allows for a quick and easy application. Minimal downtime translates into uninterrupted operations, keeping your station's productivity high.

Steer your fuel station towards better efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and a more unified brand image with the Wayne Ovation 91 Octane Overlay.

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