Ovation PTS Overlay, 89 Octane (Outright)

SKU: 888460-001-005; 503-0365

System Brand: Wayne
System Model: Ovation

Sale price$13.75


Wayne Ovation PTS Overlay, 89 Octane (Outright)

Discover the Wayne Ovation PTS Overlay, 89 Octane (Outright), a vital element in your fuel dispensing system. This overlay transcends the ordinary 'yellow sticker with black letters' by offering distinctive features tailored to the fuel industry. With its vibrant yellow color, contrasting with the black lettering, it presents an intuitive, easily distinguishable identification solution for your 89 Octane fuel.

Overlay Specifications

Let's delve into the defining specifics of the 503-0365 Wayne Ovation 89 Octane Overlay:

  • Explicitly designed for the Wayne Ovation model, promising perfect compatibility
  • Aesthetically pleasing yellow and black combination to ensure optimum visibility
  • Clearly signifies 89 Octane fuel, facilitating user-friendly interactions

Value Addition

The 503-0365 Wayne Ovation 89 Octane Overlay brings a host of benefits to your fuel services setup. Let's take a look:

  • Simplifies operations and enhances customer satisfaction
  • Contributes to a professional outlook of your fuel dispensers
  • Promotes uniformity across your brand with its distinctive design

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