Ovation 5 Product Display w/ Backlight (Remanufactured)

SKU: 892136-R05 wb, 890530-R05 wb, 892136-102, 892136-R02 wb, 709-0457

System Brand: Wayne
System Model: Ovation 1

Choose Core Exchange Option: Outright
Sale price$602.80


Illuminate Your Fuel Dispensing Experience: Ovation 5 Product Display

Elevate your fueling journey with Wayne's meticulously remanufactured 709-0457 Wayne Ovation 5 Product Display. Infused with advanced backlight technology, it's the perfect upgrade for those who prioritize precision and clarity in their operations.

Features That Distinguish:

  • Designed exclusively for the renowned Ovation 1 System Model.
  • The 5 Product Display w/ Backlight guarantees unparalleled brightness and visibility.
  • Quality assurance from the globally recognized Wayne brand.

Why Choose Remanufactured Ovation Displays:

Every Ovation display undergoes a stringent refurbishing process. The promise? 709-0457 Wayne Ovation 5 Product Display that's just like new. All displays come equipped with brand-new, long-lasting LCDs and a 365-day warranty, proving that quality and value can coexist. For those who demand the best, a brand-new display variant is available, encapsulating the epitome of Wayne innovation.

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