MX-915 Series PIN Pad Stand for MX-915, MX925 PIN pads

SKU: MX-915 Stand

System Brand: Verifone
System Model: MX-915

Sale price$202.50


VeriFone MX-915 Series PIN Pad Stand

Give your point of sale system a major upgrade with our VeriFone MX-915 Series PIN Pad Stand. Crafted with precision, this stand is designed to cater to MX-915 and MX925 PIN Pads. This brand new locking stand doesn't just hold your PIN pad—it secures it, adds to the efficiency of your checkout process, and declutters your valuable counter space.

Unmatched Features

The MX-915 PIN Pad Stand for MX-915 and MX925, is an all-in-one solution for businesses who wish to simplify their operations. Let's look at its unique features:

  • Product SKU: MX-915 Stand, a sign of trusted quality and fit
  • Designed explicitly for MX-915, MX925 PIN Pad models, ensuring compatibility
  • Equipped with a new locking stand feature that prioritizes the security of your PIN pad
  • Maximizes counter space by keeping the PIN pad off the counter

Remarkable Benefits

Why should you choose the VeriFone MX-915 Series PIN Pad Stand for your business? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Enhances the organization and flow of your checkout process
  • Boosts your security measures with the locking stand feature
  • Backed by a 365-day warranty, offering assurance and peace of mind
  • Helps create a clutter-free and efficient workspace, contributing to productivity

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