Freedom Engineered Encore PPU Display - FE-6194 Series

SKU: FE-6194A001

System Brand: Freedom Electronics
System Model: Gilbarco Encore

Choose Encore PPU Configuration: 3 Product Encore
Choose Core Exchange Option: Outright
Sale price$418.00


The new FE-6194 is a Freedom-designed and sourced new board that comes with conformal coating which protects the board from water corrosion and extends the life of the board. This helps protect the PPU display from water corrosion in the pump. 

Corrosion of the 6194 is a common problem in OEM versions due to water dripping into the pump. We have a solution!

  • Ready-to-ship
  • Immediate availability
  • Longer product life expectancy
  • Less expensive than the OEM versions
  • 365-Day Warranty

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