Gilbarco CRIND Overlay w/ ADA (Outright)

SKU: T50038-132A; T50038-128A; 503-0498

System Brand: Gilbarco
System Model: Advantage

Sale price$52.50


Gilbarco CRIND Overlay w/ ADA 

Meet the tailored solution for businesses in the fuel service industry: 503-0498 Gilbarco Advantage Overlay Specially designed to ensure a seamless fit, it stands as a testament to quality, durability, and professional aesthetics.

Key Features of the 503-0498 Gilbarco Advantage Overlay :

  • Perfect Fit: Exclusively crafted for the Gilbarco Advantage system, assuring a snug and accurate fit.
  • Robust Durability: Made with materials to endure the high-paced environment of convenience stores.
  • ADA Compliant: Designed keeping inclusivity in mind, ensuring ease of use for everyone.

Why It Stands Out:

The Gilbarco Advantage Overlay is a commitment to premium quality and superior performance. Beyond aesthetics, its compliance with ADA guidelines ensures that every customer interaction is smooth and uncomplicated.

In wrapping up, this overlay not only complements your fuel dispensers but also stands as a mark of quality commitment to your customers. 

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