Gilbarco CRIND Overlay, Racetrac (Yes, No, Cancel Only) (Outright)

SKU: T50038-1133E; 503-1479

System Brand: Gilbarco
System Model: Advantage

Sale price$52.50


Gilbarco CRIND Overlay for Racetrac Systems

The 503-1479 Gilbarco Advantage Racetrac Overlay is a specialized product, representing both the heritage and innovation of Gilbarco. Designed specifically for Racetrac gas station systems, it offers a functional solution that ensures both precision and user-friendly operation.


  • Precision Fit: Designed specifically for both the Advantage and Racetrac systems.
  • Clear Configuration: "Yes, No, Cancel Only" button layout ensures intuitive and efficient operation.
  • Durability: Made from materials that withstand regular interaction and environmental elements.
  • User-Centric Design: Enhances user experience with clear markings and streamlined interface.

This overlay's integration into Racetrac systems eliminates common user frustrations by providing an easy-to-understand interface. It's about more than just functionality; it's about ensuring that every customer's experience at the gas station is as seamless as possible.

The 503-1479 Gilbarco Advantage Racetrac Overlay is the gold standard in overlays, ensuring consistent quality and performance with every use.

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