Gilbarco CRIND Overlay, BP (Outright)

SKU: EU03004G054

System Brand: Gilbarco
System Model: Encore 300
Encore 500

Sale price$52.50


Gilbarco CRIND Overlay for BP – The Epitome of Precision and Functionality

Step into a world where precision meets utility. The EU03004G054 Gilbarco BP Overlay, is a statement of seamless functionality for fuel dispensers.

  • Branding Alignment: Tailored explicitly for BP stations, it stands as an emblem of brand consistency and professionalism. Users can instantly recognize the familiar tan sticker, reaffirming their trust in the BP brand.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The Overlay boasts functional gray buttons numbered 0-9, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions. The green buttons play a pivotal role in user navigation, offering assistance and an option to cancel.
  • Inclusive Design: In an age where accessibility is paramount, this Overlay shines. It integrates a blue handicap assistance button, embodying BP's commitment to serving every customer. Whether you have a disability or need assistance in fuel dispensing, this feature ensures you're not left out.
  • Optimized for Gilbarco Encore Models: Designed with precision, it fits perfectly on the Encore 300 and 500 models. It’s more than a mere accessory; it’s a necessity that amplifies the functionality of fuel dispensers.

Fuel dispensers play a pivotal role in a station’s operations, and their efficiency is crucial. With the EU03004G054 Gilbarco BP Overlay, stations can optimize the user experience, ensuring each customer leaves with a positive impression. 

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