Assembled 3 Product Ovation 1 Panel

SKU: 888006-003

System Brand: Wayne
System Model: Wayne Ovation 1 dispensers, Generation 1

Sale price$297.00


Assembled 3 Product Ovation 1 Panel

Efficient Fuel Dispensing for Wayne Ovation 1 Dispensers

Upgrade your fuel dispensing capabilities with the Assembled 3 Product Ovation 1 Panel. Specifically designed for Wayne Ovation 1 dispensers, this panel provides a convenient solution for dispensing 3+0 Octane. This product is a perfect match, for anyone looking to add to thier fuel services equipment.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Fuel Dispensing: Assembled with buttons for dispensing 3+0 Octane fuels, allowing for efficient and accurate fuel transactions.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for seamless integration with Wayne Ovation 1 dispensers, ensuring hassle-free installation and compatibility.
  • Complete Package: Graphics and overlays are required to complete the panel, providing a professional and cohesive look for your dispensers.
  • 180-Day Warranty: Backed by a 180-day warranty. 

Elevate your fuel dispensing operations with the Ovation 1 Panel. Upgrade your Wayne Ovation 1 dispensers today! 

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